Public procurement

Public procurement acquires lawyers with business skills

Public procurement is a complex legal area, in which it is often worthwhile to seek legal advice at an early stage. Amber Advokater offers lawyers specialising in the procurement process. We provide advice to tenderers and to those who represent procuring authorities and entities at all stages of the procurement process. We help you with the preparation of tender request documentation or tenders. We can also assist you with reviews and revision of the tender request documentation as well as the evaluation of tenders.

You can also contact us for an assessment of whether a procurement process has been carried out in accordance with the applicable laws. If the procurement conflicted with the applicable laws, we can help you apply for a review. We represent both tenderers and procuring authorities and entities during the review process and when damages are claimed.

Examples of our legal services:
  • Review your tender before you submit it
  • Writing a tender
  • Legal advice during the tender writing process
  • Requesting a procurement be reviewed
  • Asserting your claim that a contract resulting from an illegal procurement process be declared invalid
  • Contract law issues
  • Representing you in disputes over claims for damages
  • Requesting documents (tenders, emails, official notes) from the procuring authorities/departments
  • Inspecting the winning tender

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