About us

Complete legal expertise – with local connection as a bonus

Our core mission is to offer first-rate legal advice and counsel, wherever we are represented. By working in a network of highly qualified experts, we are constantly expanding our range of experience and building up profound knowledge within a number of legal fields. We can therefore offer our clients relevant advice wherever we are represented. The fact that we are locally well connected and familiar with the local business culture is often a valuable bonus.

You are welcome to contact our lawyers. Phone the central office numbers and you will be helped to find the right lawyer for your specific questions.

Our services

Our more than 30 lawyers and associates within the Amber Group provide a wide range of legal services, both private and corporate. We apply our first-rate legal expertise to give you legal advice in all major legal fields. Our main areas are business and corporate law, bankruptcy and insolvency law, family law and criminal law. Read more about our Areas of expertise.


We have plenty of options when it comes to providing you with qualified international legal advice, both within the EU and globally. We have years of experience of the legal issues that affect export and import companies, and we have contacts at leading law firms in Europe and North America.


The idea of building up unique expertise by joining resources was realised in 2003 when Finnvedens Advokatbyrå, Halmstads Advokatbyrå and Rignells Advokatbyrå formed Amber Advokater (Amber Lawyers). In 2004 the firm Håkansson, Palm & Lindsten joined Amber Advocater and in 2008 so did Älmhults Advokatbyrå. In 2010 Amber Advokater and Skantzes Advokatbyrå merged, thus creating the leading law firm in the province of Småland. As of January 2019 we are also represented in Kristianstad.

Amber Advokater offers top legal counsel at all our locations.