Notary Public

Notary Public – Värnamo

We offer Notary Public services at Amber Advokater in Värnamo. The Notary Public assists the public with, among other things, certifying signatures, copies and translations, attending as a witness when, for example, a bank deposit box is opened, conducting lottery withdrawals, drawing lots or shredding bonds and shares and issuing an apostille.


It is possible to submit documents during our opening hours. You will be told when your documents have been be processed by the Notary Public. The processing time is normally a couple of days. You can also contact us to make an appointment.

Our opening hours in Värnamo are:

Monday-Friday 8-12 hrs, 13-16 hrs.

Address: Järnvägsgatan 3, SE-331 37 Värnamo
Phone: +46 370 37 87 70,

Please consider this before you come to us with your documents:


Anyone who is to sign a document must be present during the visit with us and be able to identify themselves. We certify the signature, but not the truthfulness of the claims or circumstances described in the document itself.


We do not prepare your documents here. Please bring the documents ready and printed out. If copies are to be certified, we will make the copies at Amber Advokater from the original documents.


If your documents will be used abroad, a certificate called apostille may be needed. Please check in advance with the relevant embassy or organisation regarding what applies in the country where you are going to use the documents.


The cost depends on what service you need from the Notary Public. Contact us for prices. We accept both cards and Swish payments.